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Indicator for Binary Options with accurate inputs

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Pulse Detector is designed specifically for binary options trading. The indicator is very universal and can be used on any trading instrument and any timeframe (recommended M5 with expiration of 10 minutes). This indicator gives relatively little of signals during the day, so for more intensive trade can install it on several currency pairs.

Since the number of simultaneous losses rarely exceeds 3 simultaneously, the trade can use the Martingale method (increase the volume of investments at a loss to compensate for the previous losses). You can use this calculator to calculate successive investments for the martingale strategy. But you must remember that the Martingale method is very risky and can result in complete loss of deposit. However, the use of this method helps to quickly ramp up profits.

In conclusion, I wish to note that the indicator Pulse Detector really justifies its name and works in a one pulse with a price that is very helpful in trading.

To run the indicator you need to unzip both files (Pulse Detector.ex4 and Border Lignes.ex4) to the Indicators folder of your MetaTrader 4 terminal and attach the Pulse Detector.ex4 to the chart.

Enjoy it and review! 

4 reviews for Pulse Detector

  1. Oleg Kosvenko

    Looks like based on RSI, signals are coming in oversold and overbought market conditions. I would use this indicator and take only signals from good SR levels.

  2. Lilly Michael

    50% win rate .

  3. joacim karlsen


  4. Thanakun Sittision

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