Binary Options Conqueror 5


Binary Options Conqueror Indicator is specifically designed for binary options trading. Unlike many indicators that either adaptation from the Forex market or the Stock market. This indicator has been tested extensively backward and forward and the results obtained are consistent. Results range between 66% and over 75% in many of the tested assets. There are small variability from different broker

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The Binary Options Conqueror 5 System Is Specifically Designed For Binary Options Trading. Unlike Other Systems And Indicators That Were Adopted From Other Trading Environments For Binary Options. Little Wonder Why Many Of Such Systems Fail To Make Money. Many End Up Losing Money For Their Users.   Forward Testing Of The System Has Shown Remarkable Results. The Results Of Forward Testing On Live Trading Account Is Consistent With The Results Obtained By Back Testing. A Very Important Fact That Must Be Noted Is The Fact That Application Of Martingale Is not Required. Thus Making It Safer For Traders Usage And Profitability. A Trader Can Use Fixed Trade Amount That She/he Can Afford To Loose And Still Turn Up Profitable In The End. Non-Use Of Martingale Also Ensure Very Low Risk. This System Is Equipped With A Test Menu That Allows The User To Easily Run His Own Back Test And Forward Test To Ascertain The Level Of Profitability Of Each Asset.  This Capability Enables The User To Focus Attention On Only Those Assets That Are Very Profitable While Avoiding Those That Are Not So Profitable To Maximize Returns. An Important Revelation Is That A User Does Not Need To Trade Multiple Instruments And Assets To Make Money. One Highly Profitable Instrument Which Is Consistent Is Often Enough For Meeting The User’s Financial Trading Objective. Unlike Most Other Indicators Without Testing Capability, A User Is Often Left In The Dark As To The Profitability Or Otherwise Of The Indicator. This Particular Indicator Will Show You Test Results That Will Guide Your Further Actions. This Indicator Comes With Its Own Testing Menu And Verifiable Results That Immediately Shows The User The Level Of Profitability On Each Asset Tested. Thus, Enabling The User To Avoid Less Profitable Assets While Embracing Assets That Can Provide Maximum Profit.


Once the indicator is downloaded and installed on the MT 5 platform. You should proceed to place the indicator on your chosen currency pair. Once this is done, right-click on the chart and the indicator menu along with other menus will show up. Click on the indicator and the name(s) of all the indicators placed on your chart will appear. Click on the Binary Options Indicator and the backtest and forward test menu will appear.


The settings are straight forward. You need to ENABLE the test for the test to be conducted. The default setting is enabled. You can change the DATE to whatever dates you prefer to test. Only make sure that the start date is earlier that the stop date. You can choose any TRADE AMOUNT you want. Also the EXPIRY TIME you prefer. The expiry is stated in minutes. 1 means 1 minute, 2 means 2 minutes, etc. You can also choose any PAYOUT PERCENTAGE you wish to test.  MARTINGALE types can also be chosen with the STEPS and COEFFICIENT. The ALERTS are in three variant- popup, email, and push notification with sound. You can choose all or anyone that you prefer to use.

Before you perform your test, go to the history menu of your MT 5 to download your data. When testing, you can try various time frames to see the ones that give you the best results. The results indicated in the screenshots are based on 5 minutes time frames. The market is dynamic, so you should watch out for changes. Keep updating your tests to affirm those assets that are profitable for you to trade. This is not a set and forget system. You must constantly keep abreast of the market at least once a day to ascertain assets that are profitable and those that are not. An asset that is profitable at a time may seize to be so after a while, so you need to keep watch.