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!!! Ultimate Backtester !!! by BinaryBoss can Backtest almost every Indicator & Combinations with buffers accurately; Include Strategy & Calculations.

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!!! Ultimate Backtester !!! by BinaryBoss can Backtest almost every Indicator & Combinations with buffers; Include Strategy & Calculations.
It has several useful filters to finalize your Trading Strategy. Also can test Indicator Combinations Performance.

Feature Highlights :

  • Can Use up to 5 Indicator combinations (up to 5 Bar Value)
  • Auto Expiration time based on the candle timeframe.
  • Can specify Trade Times Trading Session Wise.
  • Can Use Many Technical Indicators to increase accuracy.
  • Can build Strategy based on Martingale conditions.
  • Clear figures on Winrate, Drawdown & Profit.
  • Can Export Trade backtest data in MT2Trading Compatible CSV format.
    ….. And many more.

What you will get:

  • Full assistance on How to use; When to use.
  • All Minor Updates Free.
  • Complete PDF & Video Manual for Setup.
  • Extra discount on next released products.
  • Exclusive access to some tools & features.

Contacts :

  • https://t.me/BinaryBoss_Tools
  • https://t.me/BinaryBossIndia
  • binarybossindia@gmail.com
  • www.binaryboss.in

4 отзыва на !!! Ultimate Backtester !!! by BinaryBoss

  1. Brent Lilly

    Just perfect in every way
    Backtesting load any indicator
    Support from team

    You guys are awesome keep up the good work

  2. bona eya

    Great job bro this tool gives me a grate inside of my indicator when to use that is the best session. Is really a good ultimate tester. this tool need a 5star also have so many great filters and not only single bar code right up to 4. thumb up bro looking forward to getting more of your products

  3. andreas sieg

    Very well done, the best back tester in the market!

  4. R. C.

    Incredible tool. Runs smoothly, great pricing and good support!

    Keep up the great work.