Binary 2SMA


Arrow indicator giving out signal when crossing 2 SMA. Signals are given in the form of arrows and are suitable for trading binary options.

Store: probogdan


Input parameters

  • SUPPORT – support the project
  • Period of MA1 – period 1 MA
  • Period of MA2 – Period 2 MA
  • MA Method – MA construction method
  • Price Type – indicator building price
  • Expiration – signal expiration time
  • Candle number – number of candles for calculating the signal
  • Length – distance for signals
  • Invert – The ability to give inverted signals (to work with the trend)
  • Equal – consider empty candles as positive


  • Ability to customize the type of sliding
  • Ability to use signal inversion
  • The ability to get statistics on profitable signals

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