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Establish a bridge between your MetaTrader 4 technical signal indicators and your favorite Binary Options brokers, define your risk parameters, and allow MT2 Auto Connector to trade automatically for you.

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MT2 Auto Connector
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With MT2 Auto Connector, you will be able to connect virtually any MetaTrader signal indicator to your Binary Options broker, and have it’s signals placed automatically on your account.

Not only will you be able to connect any signal indicator, but also configure it to fit your specific needs, being able to define: signal name, entry type, trade amounts, signal buffers, expiry times, and martingale strategy.

MT2 Auto Connector will give you a wide range of possibilities regarding martingale strategy. You can choose whether to apply martingale or not, which type of martingale should be applied (on next signal, on next expiry or terminal) and martingale coefficient.

Visit our Documentation section for a detailed guide on how to use MT2 Auto Connector

Please feel free to let us know any doubt you might have! We will be more than please to help you out.

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