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Bulls Vs Bears

दुकान: Trade Engine


This indicator shows the average of bulls and bears on an asset. Used as a confirmation indicator for bullish and bearish control to assist in predicting future price moves


  • Used in ALL financial markets including binary options on ALL asset classes or instruments.
  • To be used as a confirmation tool with other indicators


  • Period – default set to 9 (Recommended)

Entry requirements

  • Focus on the clusters on the indicator – the height or depth of the bars and the number of bars in that cluster
  • The recent clusters is compared to the previous clusters of bulls[green] & bears[red] to determine who is in control of the market
  • When the clusters of smart average bulls & bears are in confluence with another indicator be it harmonic patterns, ichimoku, moving averages, fibonacci, bollinger bands, support resistance structure and any other custom indicator in your trading arsenal then you are looking at a high probability potential trade
  • Entry should only be taken close to a key level – either after a breach of that key level or a bounce off that key level as shown on the charts with the primus smart money cluster moving from bullish to bearish for a short move and vice versa
  • To be used as a confirmation tool with other indicators
  • Back test on simulator FIRST then forward test on DEMO for at least 1 MONTH
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1 review for Primus Smart Money

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