Trend Reversal Signal indicator


Easy to Use signal indicator to get notified when the market changes its direction in a given timeframe. Make sure to read the instruction PDF you find in the description!

Tienda: BinaryPro


Trend Reversal indicator showing points of trend changes / turning points! Do not rely on this indicator alone, instead combine it with your own trading strategy and use it to get informed about good trading opportunities! Do not iss to read the full instruction PDF by clicking here!


After installation, let it run for some time! You will notice 2 different signals, in 2 different colors. When both signals are shown at the same time, it can be seen as the strongest signal, inside the instruction PDF you will find more information on how to read this indicator correctly!

Risk Disclaimer: Forex and Binary options trading are high risk investments. It’s possible to lose your entire deposit and even more. Only invest what you’re able to lose and nothing more with any Forex or Binary options broker!


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