##MT2Trading Prime Connector## by Binary Boss (Standard Edition)


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Its an Indicator Combiner & Custom MT2 Connector with many features.

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##MT2Trading Prime Connector## by Binary Boss

Standard Edition Feature Highlights :

  • Can Combine up to 3 Indicator combinations (up to 5 Bar Value)
  • Auto Add Broker Name in Signal.
  • Auto Add Pair Name in Signal.
  • Auto Expiration time based on the candle timeframe.
  • Ignore Trades for Late Entries.
  • Interval between Trades.
  • Reverse Buffers.
  • Shows Previous Signals.
  • Candle Timer.
  • Trade Time – System Time & GMT based (Multiple Input)
  • Monday/Friday Offset Trade Time.
  • Button for Save and apply to other charts.
  • Manual Trade Buttons.
  • Delete object optional & Fresh Dark/Light Mode theme.
    ….. And many more.

What you will get:

  • Full assistance on How to use; When to use.
  • All Minor Updates Free.
  • Complete PDF & Video Manual for Setup.
  • Extra discount on next released products.
  • Exclusive access to some tools & features.

Contacts :

  • https://t.me/BinaryBoss_Tools
  • https://t.me/BinaryBossIndia
  • binarybossindia@gmail.com
  • www.binaryboss.in

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