BinaryPRO- is a multi-currency and multi-timeframe signal indicator, created according to the author’s algorithm. It produces high-quality and timely trading signals in the form of arrows on any financial assets traded on Meta Trader 4. It is a good alternative to paid signal services. The indicator can be used with any broker (with 4/5-digit quotes).

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Advantages of BinaryPRO:

  • accurately shows the direction and level of entry
  • Do not redraw – iron warranty, works on closing candles.
  • does not lag. The speed and quality of the issuance of the trading signal at times overtakes its competitors
  • very simple and easy to use: just a couple of seconds are enough to make a decision

    Works on all timeframes. For binary options, you can use the signals of the charts M1-M5

Buy here:

You can download the indicator and run it in the tester!

Technical support

Skype: prooption

Telegram: @russiafx

Use indicator

The indicator is recommended to use:

a) together with our trading strategy. Download the archive, with the rules of trade and ready-made template for MT4, in English. This option is also available for demo clients who want to test our indicator! Before running the test, put a tick in the “Visualization” line, after opening the chart, put our ready-made template.

b) in conjunction with your strategy

The indicator can be used separately, but it is highly undesirable. If used separately, the best results are shown on H4-W timeframes. Caution must be exercised on M30- H1 timeframes. Separate use on timeframes M1-M15, without filtering incoming signals, is not recommended. To filter the trading signals, we use a fan of moving averages (MA). Download the customized template from the link above.

c) it is very desirable to use an order (trade) in operation, and skip the remaining signals until the current transaction is closed.

Indicator Parameters

offset: this parameter shows the distance from the price!

Recommended values ​​for 5 digits:




M30- 33



D- 200


M- 400

All these values ​​are chosen experimentally, for exotic currency pairs and for a contract for difference (CFD), you must set it yourself. All templates for MT4 are configured to work only currency pairs!

alert is a popup hint about the trading signal on the current chart. True value — yes; false — no.

sound is a sound prompt about a trading signal. You can also enable or disable, at your discretion.

draw_limit- is responsible for the number of arrows on the chart.


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