Binary Pulse


Accurate Binary Options Indicator

Tienda: MT2 Trading Market


The indicator allows you to trade binary options. The recommended timeframe is M5 and the expiration time is 5 minutes.

Binary Pulse’s smart algorithm generates high quality trade signals. The amount of trade signals may vary according to the market conditions, but usually it is in a range of 10 to 15 signals monthly (per currency pair). The arrow signal comes at the candle first tick and never repaints.

In order to speed up the tests of demo version, select the “open prices only” model and set the visual mode speed bar to maximum. There is no need to change the start_date and stop_date parameters in the indicator properties, the date that will be used will be the date of the strategy tester itself.

The indicator shows up professional statistics, such as initial deposit, current balance, maximum consecutive wins, maximum consecutive profit, maximum consecutive losses, maximum drawdown, gross profit, gross loss, total net profit, trade size, call positions win rate, put positions win rate, broker payout, expected payoff, trade expiration, etc.

Notice: The statistics shown by the indicator do not represent real trading results. There is no guarantee that the indicator will keep the same performance shown on the backtest in the future. Binary Pulse is a long term indicator, therefore, its win rate may substantially vary month by month.


  • backtest_report – enable/disable the built-in tester;
  • start_date – initial date of the tested period;
  • stop_date – final date of the tested period;
  • enable_time_filter – allows you to set up a working time;
  • start_time_1 – the start hour of work time 1;
  • stop_time_1 – the final hour of work time 1;
  • start_time_2 – the start hour of work time 2;
  • stop_time_2 – the final hour of work time 2;
  • trade_size – the amount per trade for calculating the balance growth of the tested period;
  • broker_payout – broker payout percentage for calculating the balance growth of the tested period;
  • initial_deposit – starting capital for calculating the balance growth of the tested period;
  • allow_call – enable/disable the call trades;
  • allow_put – enable/disable the put trades;
  • enable_martingale – enable/disable the martingale;
  • martingale_type – allows you to choose the martingale mode;
  • martingale_multiplier – define the martingale multiplier;
  • martingale_max_trades – define the maximum steps allowed;
  • enable_custom_expiry – allows you to set up a custom expiration;
  • exit_bar_after_arrow – allows you to set up how many bars after the entry bar you want to leave the trade;
  • show_expiry_symbol – check symbols for the “in the money” and “out of the money” orders;
  • symbol_distance – distance between the symbol and the candle;
  • arrow_distance – distance between the arrow and the candle;
  • enable_alert – pop up alert that comes with the arrow;
  • enable_email_notification – notifications about the signals to email;
  • enable_mobile_notification – notifications about the signals to mobile terminals;
  • alert_call_message – the call entry alert text;
  • alert_put_message – the put entry alert text;
  • info_size – font size of statistics;
  • info_distance – distance between the lines of statistics;
  • panel_border_type – the panel border type;
  • panel_hor_size – the panel horizontal size;
  • panel_vert_size – the panel vertical size;
  • panel_hor_distance – the panel horizontal distance;
  • panel_vert_distance – the panel vertical distance;
  • show_panel – enable/disable the panel;
  • panel_color – the panel color;
  • info_color 1 to 13 – the lines color of statistics;

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